Episode 4: Kass

An unsent note found in a school uniform casts Kass into the underworld. Kass takes us through her journey. Telling us about feelings of childhood abandonment, living between Greece and Australia: the Western Districts of Victoria, Athens, Camberwell, the Blue Mountains, fine wool marino sheep, and the constancy of her grandparents. She then tells of the note in her pocket that changed everything, teen pregnancy, going to the same school as Nicola Lynas and Carmen Chan, her continued feelings of displacement within two cultures, her family and herself. Kass talks of her desperation for something different, her search for God and meaning beginning on the floor of a psych ward flipping through the Yellow Pages. Trauma, injury, the anaesthesia of heroin, the madness and toil of getting clean, staying clean and rebuilding herself to the woman Paul describes as 'a damn decent human being', full of hope and striving for integrity.